About us

About us

Kaptia: Transforming People Management

At Kaptia, we are passionately dedicated to transforming the way companies manage their human talent. As a comprehensive human resources consultancy, we combine proximity and personalisation with innovative methodologies to promote the well-being and happiness of people in the workplace. Our holistic approach ranges from talent selection to strategic human resources management, and we strive to deliver exceptional services that drive our clients' success.

Proximity and Personalisation

We stand out for our personalised attention, understanding the specific needs of each client.

Innovation in People Management

We embrace innovation and the adoption of new methodologies and technologies.

Commitment to Welfare

Our approach is based on promoting the well-being and happiness of people, recognising their importance in organisational success.

Kaptia: Transforming people management with passion and excellence

Our team

Meet our experts

Antonio Algaba

Managing Partner / HR Advisor

Carlos Chamorro

HR Generalist / Recruiter

Jesus Gala

Motivational training

Antonio Vaquero

Sales training

Antonio Copé

Legal advice on labour law

David Garcia

Sales manager


Our mission is to be a trusted strategic partner to companies, providing comprehensive people management solutions that drive growth, productivity and satisfaction for both employees and organisations.


We seek to be recognised as a benchmark in the transformation of people management, leading the way towards a future where well-being and happiness are fundamental in the workplace, generating a positive impact on people's lives and the success of organisations.

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